Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Boneless Chicken in glutinous rice

Dalk Gangjong or boneless chicken covered with starch of glutinous rice in sweet and spicy sauce is what we ordered for todays weekend meal. Every weekend, if not pizza we usually order chicken. I think because of the booklet menu we have because most of the restaurants written in the booklet are chicken resstaurants or pizza restaurants. We tried different kinds of chicken menu and my hubby didn't know what to order so we tried this dalk gangjong.

My hubby doesn't like eating chicken with bones so he thinks this sweet and spicy boneless chicken is better. But I still prefer to eat fried chicken. I guess my hubby won't order this menu anymore. It's yummy but I think it's a little greasy compare to the other chicken that we usually order. Also, it's mild. It's not as savory and tasty like some other chicken menus.

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Louise said...

i don't like spicy ones.. if the chicken is deliciously cooked, i'd eat it no matter what.. boneless or not