Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lotteria Hamburger

My hubby's office is near Lotteria, a hamburger shop like Mc Donalds or Jollibee but Lotteria is from Korea originally. They also have branches in Vietnam. I saw some of them when I visited there and maybe in Thailand, too. I may also see one there.

Sometimes, my hubby calls or sends me messages asking if I want to have a hamburger and if I say yes, he would bring a set of hamburger, coke, french fries, ice cream, and tacos or snack wrap.

But I have to eat with my hubby because I can't eat them all. We eat half of each but he always buys two snack wraps. They are yummy and not big enough to share or divide.

By the way, when we really crave for hamburgers, we sometimes get to be delivered at home. They also deliver hamburgers but you have to pay extra amount for the delivery fee and there are 24-hours shops open. One of them is in the other supermarket which is just 5-minutes away from our building.

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