Monday, September 9, 2013

M & M Chocolates in Korea

My hubby has sweet tooth that's why he loves chocolates. When I go to the supermarket, chocolates is always in my list. I used to love chocolates too but not anymore not because I'm afraid of gaining wait but because I'm tired of eating them. Now a days, my hubby enjoys eating M&M chocolates so I always have to buy two types of them. The plain and the peanuts flavor. Instead of snacks, he eats chocolates while watching TV.

I remember when I was young, I always longed to eat chocolates and when I buy even the cheapest and not yummy one, I felt very happy. M&M's were the ones that I always wanted to have even the fake ones. But now, I can't eat much chocolates and I don't think they are delicious at all.

I always go to the big supermarket which is just across our apartment building and there are lots of different kinds of food from local to imported that's why for me chocolates, snacks, and desserts are not special anymore. It's just because I can buy anytime I want. Maybe if the supermarket is far from us, eventhough I crave for them, I can't buy and eat them because of my laziness to go to the market. But everytime I go down from my apartment, the supermarket is always in front of me, that sometimes even when I have nothing to buy, I just go inside and it attracts me to buy something. Sometimes, I'm shy to get inside and go out without anything on my hand so I buy at least chocolates or snacks which make me tired of eating them now. But I have to buy always because when my hubby doesn't want to smoke, he eats something instead of smoking so we must have them at home.

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