Monday, January 27, 2014

Dried Mangoes

Whenever we travel around Asia, mango is always my hubby's choice in the market. He loves mangoes that he can eat a kilo of riped mangoes in one seat. He can't stop eating once he started to eat. So, when a friend went home, my brother asked what I wanted so he could send through a friend. Actually, I don't miss any food from home except unripe mangoes and sauce (fermented shrimp). But it's impossible to bring mangoes here in Korea so I asked him to send dried mangoes for my hubby, instead. My hubby loves riped mangoes either dried or fresh. But I don't. So I told my hubby if he likes to eat dried mangoes and he was so happy to hear about it.

So when a friend came back, here's what my brother sent me. Dried mangoes for my hubby.

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