Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Duck Barbecue in Mokpo

Koreans believe that ducks are very nutritious food so last time when we visited my hubby's uncle, he took us to the duck restaurant in Mokpo. He said it was delicious and nutritious food so he brought us there. Although my hubby doesn't like duck much, he couldn't oppose the invitation.

I can't see anything special with the menu but it's so expensive. It's just fresh duck in sticks or in short just normal barbecue duck. Oh well, except from the luxurious restaurant, there's nothing that I could like more. It was just expensive but there's nothing special with the taste. I prefer to eat samgyeopsal because the meat is more tender than duck's meat.

The cooking style is special but it suffocates me. It takes long time to wait for the meat to be done.

Finally, it is done. It takes long time to wait but this one stick doesn't take minutes to eat.

Here's the rest of the whole duck. When can we finish cooking it? Everyone was awkward while waiting for the meat to be cooked. I guess everyone was already hungry before cooking the three sticks again.

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