Friday, March 7, 2008

coupons for a free chicken

Here's the last chicken that i ordered so that i can collect another 10 coupons.

If we collected ten coupons then we can get a free chicken. I like this fried chicken from BHC. If you remember, i also posted here the 10 coupons that i collected last time. They are also from BHC. I still have many coupons but they are from another chicken restaurants. Some chicken house like kyocheon don't give coupons. When it comes to friend chicken, i love BHC but with spicy chicken, i like the red combo from Kyocheon. It's just wings and legs. It's too spicy but so delicious. If they just give coupons i think i also collected more than 10 and already changed them.

We usually order chicken when i'm lazy to prepare meals specially dinner. That was when i come home late and too tired from work. There's no choice to order because most restaurants don't deliver after 10p.m. Most chicken restaurants are open until midnight because they also deliver beer with your chicken if you want.

Well, let's eat chicken for free next time using those coupons. hehehe...

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