Friday, May 8, 2009

Eat raw fish before summer

Hubby said we have to eat raw fish while it's not hot. In summer, it's not good to eat raw fish so it's better to eat now rather than craving it in the summer. My hubby met his friend last Tuesday evening to have dinner. But when hubby came home, he said he wanted to eat raw fish. I think he was still hungry so I ordered this for only $25.

It's the restaurant where we usually order raw fish but this time there aren't many side dishes. Because of economic crisis, the prices of all products raised so I expected that they would also increase the price of their menu like most restaurants did. This seafood restaurant didn't increase the price but decreased or removed some side dishes. That's better I think because we can't eat all the dishes. We just want the raw fish and we are not into their side dishes.

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