Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garlic Chicken

I used to hate most vegetables specially garlic and onion. But now I can eat any kind of vegetables and you'll be surprised that garlic and onion are one of my favorites. I put much garlic and onions when I cook that's why it makes my cooking more delicious. Garlic and onions are the secret of a good cook, I think. I like garlic and onions with samgyopsal or daejigalbi. I like pickled garlic when I eat gukbap specially naejang gukbap and soondae gukbap. I like garlic bread, garlic or onion flavor when I buy snacks, etc. Don't come closer please, I smell garlic. mwahaha...

When I don't have anything in mind on what for our meal, I just order food. So the menu is usually chicken. I was looking for the advertisement book when the garlic flavored chicken caught my attention. I told hubby to try it and he agreed. It's our first time to order chicken from Don (Money) Chicken which endorsed by Lee Gyoung Gyu. I'm not his fan. Actually, I don't like him. He's a comedian but not funny. I just see his rudeness. Maybe because of his character on tv. I don't know if he's like that in person.

Anyway, it seems like Don Chicken is a new brand chicken 'coz it's my first time to see it on the advertisement. The price is same as the other chicken brands like Gyocheon, BHC, and Ssal Ssal Chicken. It's more expensive than Mexicana, Pelicana, etc.. so I expected that it would be more delicious. I'm right guys! It's delicious even without sauce. But they also give 2 kinds of sauces. Hot and spicy and garlic sauce. Guys, it is worth trying! Actually, I already collected 3 coupons from last week.

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