Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Make Chapssal Hotteok

There are lots of food in winter. Lots of delicious street food like tteokpoki, odeng, twikim, ppung-o ppang and hotteok. I like hotteok specially when it has lots of filling. Usually sugar or honey and peanuts or ground sesame seeds. It disappoints me when I buy hotteok with little filling. It doesn't taste good so I bought this chapssal (glutinous rice) hotteok mix.

It's better to make my own so I can put as much fillings as I want. Here's what I made. It's my first time so I didn't make much just in case that I'll make mistake. But luckily, they were good so I can manage to make better next time. They are not in good shapes but they taste great.

Let's make chapssal hotteok together next time. Here's how I make my own hotteok:
1. Boil small amount of water. Let it warm.
2. Mix flour and yeast into a bowl.
3. Pour warm water and mix well.
4. Cover the bowl with plastic and wait for 30 minutes.
5. Spread some on your palm, put fillings, and make a round shape.
6. When the vegetable oil is hot, put #7 on the fry pan.
7. Press it when it's brown.
(The fillings is included in the pack. It is enough to make 10 hotteok but because I like hotteok with more fillings so I added more black sugar, peanuts, and ground sesame seeds.)

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