Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boyeong Chinese Restaurant

After a few months of staying here in Jejudo, we finally found a good restaurant. Boyeong Chinese Restaurant in Hallim serves delicious tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) and samseon champeong (seafoods noodles).

My hubby went to the supermarket and saw the signboard chinese restaurant. He got off his car and asked for a business card. The next day, my hubby called and he told them to prepare tangsuyug and champeong and we were gonna pick it up after 30 minutes. They can't deliver the food to our home because it's far.

After 30 minutes we drove to the restaurant and picked it up. Here's tangsuyug and champeong was still in the restaurant. The waiter forgot to put tangsuyug in the plastic bag so my hubby called and the owner said they would deliver the champeong instead. Good! Because it's a bother to pick it up again. Besides it was their mistake. Anyway, it seems like the boss is kind enough so they delivered champeong to our home.

The sauce. It looks and taste much different from most Chinese restaurant.

Here's the champeong. It was late but we were satisfied with the service. I think they intended to put much in the bowl and make it more delicious.

Hmmmm... the most delicious tangsuyug and champeong that I've ever tasted in Jejudo.

The restaurant is near Hallim Hospital (Hallim Pyeongwon). From Hallin Hospital, go straight and you'll see a bus stop. Across the bus stop is Boyeong Chinese Restaurant. You won't miss it! It's next to Hallacom 119.

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