Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Meals at Bangjangsan Campsite

We went camping in Bangjangsan Recreation Forest and here's what we had at the camp site.

We usually order chicken at home and bring it at the camp site and have it for lunch. So here's our lunch. Some chicken, eggs, hot pepper and kimchi.

We arrived at the camp site at late noon so we had lunch late. But before it gets dark, we decided to have dinner. And because we aren't hungry, we just had eggs, fruits and yoghurt. Our left over from our lunch and dessert.

I remember that I forgot to wash the dishes at home when we went camping in Hwemunsan Recreation Forest. At that time, I also forgot to bring dishwashing liquid. So, here I washed them at the camp site.

We don't usually have breakfast at home because we always sleep and get up late but at the camp, we have to sleep early and get up early. We are so hungry after getting up unlike when we're at home we always have midnight snacks but in the camp we can't because we are asleep at midnight. But it's still hard to have rice for breakfast so we just had bread and coffee.

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