Friday, November 11, 2011

Chaesundang Shabu Shabu

I've been staying here in Jejudo for many months and most of the restaurants that I've been to don't serve delicious food. So it's better if you go to the franchised restaurants because you can make sure that the food is good. Unlike other restaurants who just served expensive menu but the food doesn't taste good. You will just be disappointed. They are just the kind of restaurant who served and say goodbye. Maybe they think that because you are a tourist, you can't meet each other again or even when they serve delicious food, you can't go back again, anyway.

Well, we decided to stay here for a long time so we are looking for restaurants who served delicious food so to make sure that the food is great, we usually go to franchised restaurant like Chaesundang. It's our fourth time to visit this restaurant and the waitresses already know us. They treat and serve us well.

If we go there for lunch, we order the Jomsim Teukson Set A. A well-being shabu shabu for only 7,000won each person. Chaesundang serves fresh vegetables.

Shabu Shabu is a menu where you soaked the fresh meat and vegetables on the boiling soup.

It's up to you which vegetables you want to put first. Or you can put all at once.

When the vegetable and meat is cooked you dip it with the sauce.

There's also some dumplings and noodles which is eaten after eating the vegetables and meat. When you're done with noodles, there will be soup left and the soup is used to make porridge. The porridge is served last and it's included in the 7,000won menu. It's cheap isn't it? I don't have the picture of porridge because even it's free, we didn't eat because we were already full and there was no place for porridge when I decided to take my camera.

By the way, the picture above is the Set A. The set B is "maeun bosot" (spicy mushrooms) shabu for 8,500 and Set C is "myeongpum hanu" is branded beef for 10,000won.

Chaesundang Jejudo is in Jejusi Nohyeondong 1042-5. Or call 064-747-3655 if you want to know more or visit for more information.

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