Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noodle Soup with Ham

I'm proud that my hubby is getting well at cooking. I think he's getting more interested in learning how to cook. He's so happy when he gets good result on his cooking. Actually, even when it doesn't taste good, I always say that it taste good so he will cook again and again. That's not a problem, I'm sure if he cooks many times, he will do better. Who knows someday cooking will become his hobby and when that time comes, I will be free from cooking! Yahoo!

Oh, look what he made. The noodle soup with ham! It looks so cool and taste great! First he makes the ham soup and put some vegetables then boil some noodles in another pot. When the noodles is soft, he washed it and poured some hot soup. Wow~ it's yummy specially in winter.

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