Saturday, December 31, 2011

Red Cabbage

If I didn't come here in Jeju, I can't know that there are also red cabbages. I was surprised to see red vegetables planted in the farm when I took a walk with my hubby. They look like red big flowers. When I came close to them, I found out that they are cabbages. It is full red even inside.

I told my hubby to have a taste of that vegetable so I cooked chicken legs. I just boiled the chicken legs and put some garlic, onion and salt. When the chicken is soft, I put the cabbage and boiled. Opppss.. The soup is red. The color is strange but it taste good. The red cabbage makes the soup sweet. It taste like potato but it's sweeter. The soup looks strange though. My hubby never tried the soup but he had much cabbage. hehe..

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