Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yugpo or Jerked Beef

My hubby's favorite snack is Yugpo or Jerked Beef. He loves it that he can't stop eating when he starts to open the pack. Jerky is great with beer or alcohol but my hubby doesn't drink so he eats it with Cola. My hubby who doesn't drink alcohol likes eating expensive snacks and I don't say anything about it because it's better to eat snacks at home with me rather than to drink alcohol outside with somebody else.

Anyway, whenever we go to the supermarket he always checks the Yugpo and he really wants to eat but it's too expensive here in the Island so he's trying to endure not to eat but he couldn't. He went out one night and went to the supermarket alone and but this.

It's about $20. The price doesn't count as long as you see how happy he was while eating his favorite snack. hehe..

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