Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spiced Boneless Chicken with Rice Cake

We are tired of eating the same chicken menu so we tried this spicy boneless chicken with rice cake from BHC. Our order came on the cup or small basin that it looks little but when you eat, it's just enough for three people. There's always left over when my hubby and I eat so I think it's good for three people.

The best thing for it is, there's no chicken bone so it's comfortable to eat. It's sweet and spicy and the rice cake is yummy, too.

Here's what the chicken look like. It has nuts and almonds that added the tasty taste of the chicken.

The rice cake is usually find under the cup so you can't see here in the picture.

My hubby said that he won't order this menu anymore but then we are always craving for it. I think we ordered this menu 3times a month.

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