Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kimbap (rolled rice)

We always skip breakfast but we usually buy kimbap when we go out in the morning. One day, we saw on tv that some restaurants who are selling kimbap used rice from China. Since then, my hubby told me not to buy kimbap anymore.

I missed eating kimbap so i've tried to make by myself. Here's how i made it.

Prepare eggs, ham, pickled radish, seasoned burdock, crab meat, roasted laver, tuna and mayonnaise.

Fried the eggs and cut into long strips. Put the ingdients in a plate.

Tuna and mayonnaise are optional. But of course it makes the kimbap more delicious.

Pour a little amount of sesame oil into rice and sprinkle some salt.

Spread the rice onto the laver and put all the ingredients on top then roll.

Cut the rolled rice and serve.

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