Thursday, December 20, 2007


Time flies! Christmas is coming again. Everyone is very busy doing lots of stuffs. Preparing christmas decors, buying cards, gifts, and of course attending some parties. Party is the one that i always wait for during this holiday season because i know that party is not complete without wine. It is what makes the party more special.

Oh, before i forgot. Our wedding anniversary is coming, too. It is before Christmas, would you believe that? And now i'm planning to buy either a red wine or a white wine to make our anniversary more romantic.

I will be very busy this week preparing for our anniversary and attending some parties. And I haven't bought any presents for my in laws, yet. Luckily, my in laws like drinking. Since i'm going to get wine for our anniversary so this Christmas, i'm thinking of getting wine for my inlaws, too. I'm sure they will like the merlot and chardonnay.

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