Monday, December 17, 2007


Soondae is also called a korean sausage. It is filled with noodles (made of mixed rice and potato)and blood. It is eaten with salt mixed with black pepper and kochugaro (red hot pepper powder) and chokochujang.

It is a popular snack food sold by various restaurants and street vendors. When you buy soondae, they usually ask if you want it with some inner parts like intestine, liver and lungs. Hubby doesn't like those parts but i do. So, when we eat soondae, hubby has the black ones and i have the rest. hehehe..

This delicious soondae is eaten at the restaurant. And would you believe that it was free when we ate soondae gukbap and naejang gukbap? I love that restaurant and want to go back there soon! hehe...

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