Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mini oranges

If there are mini tomatoes (cherry tomatoes), there are also mini oranges. I don't like oranges much but i love this mini oranges. When i eat oranges i have to peel them well. I don't like the bitter taste of the fruit's skin so when i first saw this mini oranges, i wondered if there's still something to eat in that fruit if i'll peel it. But i saw that the fruits are eaten with the skin. I thought they taste terrible but again, i was wrong. The skin of this fruit is very sweet. I prefer to eat the skin rather than the flesh. The fruits are delicious. They are one of my favorites. Whenever i come home, i always checked the fruit vendors in front of our apartment if they are selling those kind of fruits but i hardly see them in their stores. This evening, I also checked the market near the bus stop and tried to find the fruits where i bought before but ajuma (woman) wasn't there anymore. Here are the fruits that i bought last week.

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Princess of CJ said...

there are lots of cherry tomatoes in our backyard sis but we dont like them. mabuto kasi. :)

i love little oranges too. di ko maalala kung ano tawag nyan sa tagalog. :)

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