Thursday, April 10, 2008

round pears

Until now, we still have pears in the refrigerator that we received from my mother in law last Thanksgiving day (Feb.). On this day, my inlaws received boxes of different kinds of fruits from their friends and relatives so they also give us some. My mother in law gave us apples, persimmons and pears. Every after meals Koreans eat fruits for desserts but hubby and I don't have enough time to eat during weekdays. We always skip breakfast, (i just prepare fruit juice) and i have to leave for work after lunch. At night, i don't usually serve pears because it's too cold, besides hubby doesn't like pears much so they were left in the refrigerator.

Here are the pears look like in Korea. They are round and yellow.

When my students saw the green and oval pears in their books, everyone were curious about those fruits. They asked what kind of fruits they were. When i said, they were pears, everyone was reacted and said, they were not. Oh well, i was also surprised when i saw this yellow and round pears so i understand my students reactions. hehehe...

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