Sunday, April 13, 2008

Puchinggae and makgeoli

We went to Baegyangsa with my in laws. Because we didn't go inside to see the temple so we just went to the restaurant where there are some chairs and tables outside. My BIL ordered this makgeoli and puchinggae. I tried makgeolli before when i went on a picnic with my co-workers and my boss offered me some. He is my boss so i couldn't refuse it. After drinking a bowl of it, i was suddenly felt dizzy. Since then, i never tried to drink it anymore. hehehehe.. By the way, makgeolli is drunk using bowls.

Me and Hubby doesn't drink so my BIL and his wife drank all the makgeolli. The good thing is, my BIL didn't bring his car so it was okay even when he drank much. And hubby doesn't drink at least he can drive us home. hehehe...

I think i'm lucky to have a guy like my hubby who doesn't like drinking alcohol. At least i have less worries when he drives.

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Summer said...

Sis, is it ok if I tagged you? It’s a viral tag, just do this only when you have the time nalang. Here’s the link.