Thursday, January 1, 2009

The fish that smells like pee

I like trying different kinds of food. I like eating but I can't eat much with this raw fish because it tastes strange. You know it smells like pee and the taste is similar to its smell. I thought they put something for that taste but hubby said they put nothing when they serve that fish. They just cut and serve it with chokochujang.

Hubby's aunt said that this raw fish is good for our skin so I sometimes eat although I can't stand the taste. Do you know that they also serve this raw fish if you go to the funeral? I imagine eating the body of the corpse when I eat the raw fish but because they serve it and the people around me are all eating so I have to eat with them although my mind, my heart and my mouth is against it. I just don't want to disappoint people. Do you think what I'm doing is right?

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