Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Corn Pizza

My co-worker ordered 2 boxes of pizza and she gave me a slice of it. The pizza was yummy because of the corn so I asked her what flavor and brand of pizza it is so she said it's corn pizza from the shop name School Pizza. She said a box of pizza is only $5. Wow~ it's too cheap and it's really yummy. Much delicious than the other brand of pizza that I know.

When I came home, I told my hubby about the pizza and he said there's no School Pizza in my area so we can't order some here. When I went to my mother in law's house, I saw the pizza store and I told my hubby to pull over the car and I bought this corn pizza.

My hubby also said that it's yummy. My hubby is picky when it comes to food and he doesn't like fastfood much. He ordered some fastfood because of me. He only eats some and never eats the left over but in this corn pizza, he ate 3 slices and had another one from the left over.

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Louise said...

we don't have corn pizza here. must be delicious