Sunday, January 13, 2013

Green Tea Ice Cream

They say ice cream is more delicious in winter. I think so but I'm worried that I could get cold. But when I went to the supermarket I saw that a gallon of ice cream is buy one take one so I bought a gallon of chocolate mousse and took another green tea ice cream. I thought green tea ice cream is a little bit strange but I was wrong. It's more delicious than my favorite chocolate mousse flavor. It's more creamy and soft. And I made it more yummy by putting some cheese and prunes on top. It's the left over from my fruit salad.

Look! Doesn't it look so yummy? My hubby was looking for this ice cream a few days later but I had it all so he ate the chocolate mousse instead.

Note: I had to wear scarf when I ate ice cream in order not to get cold. And eventhough it's yummy, I tried not to eat much. It took me a few days to eat the gallon of ice cream.


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Louise said...

the cheese tops made me crave for it