Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pork Cutlet or Donkas

Pork Cutlet or Donkas in korean word is another food that is worth to try in Korea. Not only Koreans love the food but also most foreigners if not all. You can order donkas in some Chinese restaurants, kimbap (sushi) restaurants but it's not as delicious as that one where they only serve pork cutlet as their specialty. There's an advertisement posted at the elevator about this new pork cutlet restaurant so we decided to visit it and had this.

It doesn't only look delicious but also the taste. It has soft and crispy taste. The pork cutlet looks more special because of its desserts or dishes surrounded to it. There are fruits, salads, sandwich, sweet corn and rice. I think they are perfect combination for donkas rather than kimchi.

What I like the most is this cream soup. The food that I always expect the most when I go to restaurants. I just wish that all restaurants serve this kind of soup. It's my favorite. Donkas is delicious but I prefer cream soup.

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