Sunday, October 13, 2013

Famous Daejigalbi Restaurant

According to the sign that was hanging at the entrance door, the restaurant will be closed soon so we decided to have some before it will be closed. It's a restaurant in front of our building. We've been there several times. The restaurant serves delicious daejigalbi. It was very famous before but now we realized why it's closing now. Everything is getting expensive so they increased their prices but still the meat is not as much as before. An order of meat is not enough for each person.

Here's the two orders of meat. It's not enough for two people and the meat is a little bit different.

The vegetables use to wrap the meat. Vegetables are also expensive so I understand why it's better to close than to run it without any profit. You can't just increase the price or you will lose some customers. They don't go if they think if it's expensive. They can't even decrease the amount of meat or even vegetables. Vegetables and side dishes can be refilled.

The sauce for the meat.

I feel so sorry to the owner of the shop because the restaurant is not running now and it's for rent. But I think it made a lot a few years ago. It's where we usually bring our visitors at home so the owner knows us a lot. We were regular customers of that restaurant. And on our last day of dining out there, the owner told my hubby the reason of closing his business. He just said that he wants to take a rest but I think the reasons are the ones that I've mentioned above. Those are just my point of views but I guess I'm right. What do you think?

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