Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Korean Giant Pears

Last Chuseok, we visited my parents-in-law's house and they gave us some dishes and fruits when we came back home. The pears were too big. I've seen lots of big pears but I think these pears are the biggest that I've seen so far. I had a hard time peeling it because it was a little bit heavy to carry. I put it down twice before I peeled one. We usually eat different kinds of fruits or two pears when I don't have another fruit when I serve pears but this time I only served only a pear. Just one pear but there were still 3 slices left.

Here's the pear. It doesn't look big in this picture.

Also Korean pears look much different from other countries that are green and oval. Korean pears are yellow and round. So when I showed my students the picture of foreign pears, they don't know what kind of fruit it is. And they are surprise when I tell that it's a pear because theirs are different.

Korean pears are also delicious specially those that are grown fron Naju, a small city in Jeolla Province. Naju Pears are very famous all around the country. They are the best pears in Korea.

And these Korean Giant Pears that I'm talking about are from Naju. I just said Giant Pears because they are too big. Here's the pear after I peeled and sliced one.

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