Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yummy Homemade Korean Sherbet

We were bored and couldn't sleep so we took a walk and on our way home, we saw a bakery and decided to have cheese cake and patbingsu or Korean sherbet. We were so disappointed with the $5 sherbet because it tastes like ground ice with condensed milk, a little rice cake and beans. So when I went to the supermarket, I decided to buy sugared beans and kernel corn in can. I put some milk in the freezer and let it froze. Then I ground the frozen milk, if you don't have grinder, you can use fork like I do. Put the frozen milk in the big bowl. Let it melt a little so it will be softer and easy to prick with fork to make ice sherbet. Then put some condensed milk, sugared beans, kernel corn and cereals. That's it! The yummy homemade korean sherbet or patbingsu is done!

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