Friday, October 11, 2013

Pizza and Cheese Spaghetti

It's another lazy weekend so it's another food that has been delivered at home. Pizza and Cheese Spaghetti. My hubby always says that it's not good for our health but sometimes I have to choose the food to it. I always yield for the food but sometimes my hubby asked me what to eat and he allows me to order what I want.

While thinking what kind of pizza to order, I saw the cheese spaghetti looks delicious in the picture so I decided to order the set of pizza and spaghetti. I've just made carbonarra spaghetti last weekend but this cheese spaghetti looks yummy so I craved for another kind.

Here's the pizza. I only had a slice and three slices for hubby.

I had most of the spaghetti. My hubby doesn't like spaghetti much.

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