Monday, February 18, 2008


Last night, we went to my sister in law's house and had dinner there. She delivered the baby and we brought something for her. On our way to her house, i sent a message to her telling that we our visiting her and prepare dinner for us. That wasn't my own idea. My inlaws and hubby told me to do that. hehehehe...(My inlaws didn't go to my sister in law's house with us because they had to meet someone.) She texted me back and said take care and she will order some food for us and told me to bring some beer so i bought 3 bottles of beer in the supermarket near her house.

When we arrived there, she asked us what we wanted to eat. Hubby said that he wanted to eat bossam so she ordered it. Bossam is meat eaten with delicious kimchi and some vegetables. What makes this meat delicious is the delicious kimchi. It is totally different with the normal kimchi serve during meals. Here's the bossam.


I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! I used to dish on Sin noodles... i forgot the exact na,e and my korean students back then always offered me korean food. I am still dying to try kimchi but no luck till now.

Travelling Free said...

Hmmm do you also eat the food just taken out and still boiling? Korean food are so hot...really hot! But I like them coz i like chili and hot food.