Sunday, February 10, 2008

daechu: jujubes

These are daechu or jujubes or dates. This is what i put when i boil water to drink. Koreans never drink tap water so we always boil some water to drink. I used to put green tea but now because it's winter and we need to be careful in catching a cold so my mom in law told me to use daechu instead. She said it's much better than green tea. But jujubes are very expensive specially now that it is winter and Seollal. Luckily, i saw this daechu in mart it was on sale. Look, i got this for more than $12. Yes, that was almost 50% sale from its regular price. I can use this daechu for a few days. Hubby and I drink lots of water and i boil water almost everyday in the biggest kettle.

At first, i couldn't drink water with this daechu but i get used to it after drinking for several times. Now, i think it's delicious and feel strange when i drink water without daechu specially when i drink outside like in the restaurants.

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