Friday, February 1, 2008

i need to save money

Most Koreans are good at saving money. Even the kids have already their own bank account. My pregnant sister in law already opened an account for her daughter although she hasn't delivered her, yet. There's a program on tv that i like to watch which they show some tips on how to become rich. One of them is to save money in the bank. I can say that we bought our own apartment and car by our own savings from the bank. The interest rate that we received was a big help.

Banks have different interest rate so it's important to know first how much interest you will receive before you open an account. If you want to open an online banks, click here to know the best online savings account rates, checking account rates and cd rates and choose the best bank and unions that gives the highest rates in your local area.

You also need to check this cash bonus offers when you open a new account. You can receive a cash or gift cards from $50 bonus when you open a new checking account.

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