Friday, April 13, 2012

Hallasan Soju

My hubby and I don't drink but when my hubby bought raw fish and oysters, they give him soju or korean alcohol for free. They gave him Hallasan Soju, the famous alcohol in Jeju Island. It came from the famous mountain in Jeju Island called Mt. Halla or Hallasan in Korean. "San" means mountain in english.

Don't forget to try Hallasan Soju if you visit Jeju Island. It tastes milder than other soju. The taste wasn't strong enough so I tried 3 shots in a soju cup but then I felt so dizzy. The mild taste doesn't mean that it's not strong enough to make you feel dipsy.

Oh, that's my cup and I just drank less than half of the bottle but I felt dizzy so I threw away the rest of the alcohol. Nobody will drink anyway.

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