Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home-made Spaghetti

It's my first time to make spaghetti at home. I never tried to make before. First, I don't know how to make sauce. Second, I don't know which sauce in the supermarket is better. Third, my hubby doesn't like spaghetti much. But I think it's time to make spaghetti because the guy next door gave us this 3 bottles of Rose Spaghetti Sauce. He was going to another City and my hubby was kind to drive him to the terminal so he gave the sauce to him with some of some grocery products.

I bought sausages and spaghetti noodles the next day so I made spaghetti. I can say that it's not bad at all.

I realized that it's not hard to make spaghetti at home. It's so easy. Just boil some water and put some salt. When it is boiled put some noodles and wait for 10 minutes. Remove water from the noodles and put some olive oil on the fry pan, fry sausages and put some sauce. After few minutes put the noodles and mix well. That's it! As easy as can be!

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