Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Myeongpum Chicken

When I first came in Jeju Island, I laughed at the chicken shop named Myeongpum Chicken which means Find Article Chicken, Brand Chicken or chicken with a name. I thought it was so funny because I know lots of famous chicken restaurants like BHC, Nene Chicken, Mexicana Chicken, Pelicana Chicken, Gyocheon Chicken, BBQ Chicken, etc. (too many to mention) but this myeongpum chicken is new to me. Besides its name is Brand name so I wondered if it's really delicious as the ones that I've mentioned above. Anyway, my hubby also thought that the name is just a Brand name but it's not a shop with a brand name anyway. So we never tried to order in that restaurant.

But when my brother in law came to visit us, he mentioned about this Myeongpum chicken. He said it's famous in Jeju Island so he wanted to try it. My hubby said there's one near us but we never tried it so we ordered for my brother in law. Wow~ we never thought that it was delicious. We found out that the chicken restaurant is also a franchise brand in Jeju Island.

The chicken is delicious but too bad that it's just a little. It's not enough for three people. It's just good for two unlike other famous chicken restaurants, there's always left over when I eat with my hubby. But when we order myeongpum chicken, the amount is not enough for two of us. Anyway, here's the chicken.

And here are the contact numbers if you happen to visit Jeju and want to try Myeongpum Chicken.

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