Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jjajang and Champeong Rice

I don't wanna cook anything so I asked my hubby what he wanted to eat. He said he didn't have anything in mind so I checked the food book and order this jjajangpap (black noodles with rice) and champeongpap (noodles with seafoods and rice). I didn't expect much about this food because I know that it's not as good as the famous chinese restaurants that we usually go to but there's nothing wrong in trying. What if it's delicious? At least we don't have to drive for almost an hour to eat Chinese food, right?

Well, here's what we ordered.

You can choose two menus in one order so I chose "fried rice" and "sweet and sour pork" (tangsuyug) and the other one is "jjajang and champeong". Oh well, my expectation wasn't wrong. It wasn't delicious. What can we expect more with the cheap dish? It's just worth the money. All I can say is, I will never order this kind of food in this restaurant anymore. Never!

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