Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Potato Pizza

I don't like sweet potatoes much but when it comes to pizza and cake, I prefer to eat sweet potato flavor. I think sweet potato pizza is more delicious than meat or vegetables.

I ordered this sweet potato pizza last weekend from Maru Pizza which is just across my apartment building. At first, they don't deliver but later on they do but you will be charged 2,000won more for the delivery fee. I think it's expensive so when I order I call first and pick it up afer 10 minutes.

I ordered pizza and added potato mousse for only 1,000won because sweet potato pizza is more delicious with sweet potato mousse. Here's the pizza.

When you order pizza in Korea, it always comes with pickles. If you want hot sauce and garlic sauce, you have to pay additional for that. Also, pizza is not complete without softdrinks so you can also order a liter of softdrinks at the restaurant and bring home.

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