Friday, December 14, 2012

My Home made Starbucks Coffee

There are lots of franchise coffee shop in Korea and most of them like starbucks are expensive. Coffee is more delicious in winter and I can't spend around $5 for coffee everyday. I can't start work without a cup of coffee everyday so I drink coffee at work but I think having coffee with my husband at home is the most relaxing time on weekends so I thought of making delicious coffee at home. Of course, it's not as yummy and healthy like starbucks, holly, cafe bene, etc. but at least it's also tasty and much cheaper.

Here's how I make my semi-starbucks coffee. All I need is cappuccino mix and whipping cream. You can get them at e-mart or home plus if you wanna try it for yourself.

Put the cappuccino mix in a cup.

Pour some boiled water.

Put some whipping cream on top.

Enjoy the delicious and special home-made coffee.

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