Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Macaroni Salad in Korea

I saw a picture of macaroni salad on the internet so I suddenly craved for it. I searched on some recipes and I found out that each chef has its own recipes. It just depends on what kind of ingredients to put and which taste each and everyone prefers so I got an idea. I tried to make my own recipe. I just used the leftover ingredients when I made fruit salad but instead of condensed milk, I put mayonnaise which I think one of the most important ingredients in making macaroni salad. I mean mayonnaise is one of the ingredients that can't be removed. When I first came here in Korea, I always asked my family back home to send me some cheese and macaroni when I crave for salad but then I found out that I could also get them in big stores like home plus or e-mart.

Here are the ingredients that when I made macaroni salad. The fruit cocktail, raisins and cheese are leftovers when I made fruit salad so I only bought mayonnaise and conchiglie macaroni shells.

I boiled macaroni and when the shells are soft, I put all the above ingredients together in a big bowl and mixed. Btw, put some mayonnaise in a small bowl and season it with vinegar, sugar, and a little salt. I don't measure when I make some food so you have to follow your taste. In my case, I put more sugar because I like sweet food.

Here's how I made my macaroni salad.

Ready to be refrigerated.

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