Monday, April 23, 2007

Mul naengmyun ( cold noodles in broth)

Mul naengmyun or instant cold noodles in broth. "mul" means water, "naeng" means ice and "myun" means noodles. Yes, it's cold noodles and they even put ice when they serve it during the summer. I didn't wanna try it at first. It looks strange to see those ice floating on top of noodles but hubby told me to try it. I almost ate all when i tried to have a taste of it because the noodles was too thin and too long. I saw the waitress cut it but the noodles was still too long. Well, that was a good experience, wasn't it? hehehe...

The noodles in this picture is green not because of the cucumber but because it is made of green tea.

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