Saturday, June 2, 2007

green tea

Koreans never drink tap water. We have to boil some water and put something on it. I sometimes put dried corn and jujubes but usually, i put green tea. My mother in law sometimes put wheat or tree barks which sometimes she gives us some. She always says that it's good for our health.

My hubby's aunt gave this green tea when we visited her on her birthday. She said it's real and pure green tea from her farm. She sells them but gave us for free of course. You don't believe me if I say that I just sprinkle a little amount of it when i boil water in a big kettle but the water looks dark and tastes green tea.

Just imagine how much i spend for buying green tea, jujubes or dried corn if aunt didn't give us this tea. We drink much water a day. It's true that i boil water everyday in a big kettle.

Well, thanks to aunt.

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