Wednesday, June 27, 2007

kopchang (broiled beef intestine)

Kopchang (broiled beef intestine) is what i was eager to eat since i saw on tv. I've been to kopchang restaurants for many times but hubby always ordered different menu. Last night, we've decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants to eat daeji kogi (spicy korean pork barbecue). When we went there, the owner of the restaurants said that the meat is all sold out. That's quite true. The restaurants is always full whenever we go there.

That was already 10p.m. and we were hungry so when we saw this new kopchang restaurant just next to the daejikalbi restaurant, i just suggested hubby to try their kopchang. Hubby knows what kind of menu i really wanted to eat because i told him before so he ordered this.

Just wait for the intestine to turn brown then cut into bite pieces and dip in salt with sesame seeds.

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