Sunday, June 24, 2007

samgyetang (chicken porridge)

In summer, korean people eat samgyetang (chicken porridge). This is how to make my own samgyetang.

Put some glutinous rice inside the chicken with whole garlic, 2-3 pieces of jujubes and these different kinds of wood (tree barks) that my mother in law gave me. Add some green onions and boil for an hour. It's more delicious with chestnuts but i don't have available chestnuts at home.

My mom in law gave me much of this tree barks that i was talking about and told me to boil water and put some. I did before but i can't drink it. Oh, by the way, i believe it's medicine because i tried to cook some when my hubby had a stomachace and he felt better.

When i went to the restaurant and had samgyetang, i saw that they put this kind of wood and it makes the samgyetang tastes better. Instead of throwing away, i put some when i make samgyetang.

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