Monday, January 28, 2008


We were still sleeping when the phone rang. It was already passed noon and my mom in law was on the other line. I don't know if it is her duty, rule, or responsibility to call us many times everyday. My hubby sometimes pissed off specially when is about to catch his sleep and then the phone will suddenly ring. And when the phone rings, we always guess that it's my mother in law. And guess is always right. hehehehe...

Because it was already noon so we decided to go out and have lunch. Hubby asked me what i wanted to eat so i chose kukbap. Because it's cold so i always crave for hot soup. We went to the restaurant and i ordered naejang kukbap and hubby had soondae kukbap.

Here's the soup. They serve this soup while it is boiling that's why it's delicious in winter. I like eating this soup when i have colds.

After lunch, we decided to go for a drive.

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Ai said...

Sis, sarap naman ng soup na ito..u have recipe po ba sa kimchi rice? i love it! oh by the way, i love coffee prince and i love korean telenovelas..i watch it all in the net..hehehe.. i have a food blog din but di na naa update.