Wednesday, January 23, 2008

roasted squid and octopus legs

Do you know what this food is? Can you recognize it? I'm sorry, we almost ate all before realizing that i have to take some pictures of them so that i can show you here.

They are roasted octopus and squid legs. If you go downtown, you can see many stores selling this kind of snacks in the street. I prefer the squid legs rather than octopus. Squid is sweeter and more delicous while octopus is hard and gummy but also delicious. It's nice to eat them while watching tv or when you are sleepy. And they are usually serve in the bar as finger food when you order beer. And also included in some of the set menu in the bar.

My hubby came home with it. He said his co-worker bought it for him. Maybe his co-worker will drink beer or soju at home but my hubby doesn't. We have a bottle of beer in the refrigerator and i told him to drink but he just smiled. That beer is for visitors. Hubby doesn't drink any alcohol. Never! And i consider myself lucky for that.

After eating those legs, my jaw is a little bit hurt because of chewing but i told hubby to buy again tomorrow.

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