Monday, November 10, 2008

Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge)

My mother in law was hospitalized because of her bad eyesight. When I knew about that, I went to the market even when it was only few minutes left before the closing time so I hurried and bought this condensed milk or else I would blame myself for going out and dined out with my co-workers.

We have pumpkin at home so I thought of making "hobakjuk" (pumpkin porridge) for my mother in law.

Here's how I made hobakjuk-

Ingredients: 2 slices of pumpkin and 1/2 cup condensed milk

1. Remove the skin and cut the pumpkin.
2. Boil for 30 minutes or until it is soft.
3. Put in a blender and mix with the condensed milk until it is smooth.
4. Cook and stir often for 20 minutes.

My hubby told me to put some flour but I chose not to because I want to make it more delicious. My mother in law doesn't like porridge but she ate some and she said that she was very grateful for making porridge for her.

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