Sunday, November 2, 2008

My adventures

You know how much I love adventure. I usually go camping on weekends with my hubby. We travel long hours to visit mountains and forests and sleep there for a night. We always have much load to carry when we go out. We were satisfied of our 3 years old car but because of our adventure we are planning to buy a bigger one. A Freelander where we can climb up the mountain easily and put all of our things for a camp.

There's also a program on tv that I love to watch. It's about the travel of people to some countries like Tibet, Mongol, and Africa. They climb up the mountain or go to the desert with a car. I like their adventures that's why I always dream of buying a Land Rover to use for my adventure. Who doesn't dream of having this roomy, nicely finished, well equipped and supremely capable off-road Freelander?

I always think of the famous adventure movies when I see a Freelander. It looks good and strong which is just the perfect car for adventure. I can't wait to use a Freelander for my adventures.

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