Monday, November 3, 2008

Straw on your coffee

I went for a walked last night and we did it again today. We walked for almost an hour and on our way home, we saw a coffee shop. Nokcha Latte (Greentea Latte) for only $3 was written on the menu outside. When I ordered a cup of coffee, the waiter charged me 4.5 bucks. He said the price list outside was long time ago. Holy Cow! They should have changed it if they raised the price. Is it their way of getting some customers? I hope I wasn't the only one who complained about that price list.

Btw, don't be surprised when you take out caffe latte, cappuccino or any hot coffee that comes out with straw. Straw is used here with any hot coffee from famous coffee shops like Kenya, Holly's, etc...

Straw on your coffee? That's okay! People won't laugh at you, don't worry!

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