Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jujubes (taechu) tree

Jujubes are one of the ingredients in some of my recipe like Yonggyebaeksuk (Spring Chicken Soup) and Twaejigalbichim (Pork Rib Stew). Jujubes (taechu) are similar to dates, usually use dried for cooking or medicinal purposes. They should be soaked before cooking.

I saw this jujube tree when we had megitang which is planted behind the restaurant.

I like jujubes and I eat them even when they are not dried. I used to put jujubes in our drinking water. I boiled some water and put some jujubes on it. My in laws recommended me to use them instead of green tea because they are good for our health but they are too expensive and we have much green tea at home so I switched back to green tea. But this winter, I'm planning to put jujubes again to avoid the cold and runny nose in cold weather.

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